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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy or colon lavage, is a sterile internal bath that cleanses the large intestine of accumulated waste. Unlike an enema it does not require the retention of fluid, so there is no discomfort or pressure, just the gentle flow of water in and out of the colon.

During the treatment, a light abdominal massage stimulates the colon to recover its natural shape and tone and helps normalize peristalsis, the colon’s natural movement.

Colon hydrotherapy as been used for thousands of years: it was first described by the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1500 B.C. and it was prescribed by Hippocrates as a remedy for fever. Up until about 1920, doctors and chiropractors had colonic equipment in their offices. Since then there has been revived interest in using natural methods for healing the body. The use of colon hydrotherapy is regaining popularity.

What happens during a Colonic
Health Spa uses the “closed” system that is always operated by the therapist. Water and waste materials are enclosed in tubing and instrumentation and disposed of through a closed drain system. The procedure is safe and clean, and there is nothing to offend the senses. At the start of the session, a sterile disposable tube is gently inserted into the rectum. During the hour long treatment session, the therapist slowly fills and empties the colon a number of times with filtered, temperature-controlled water.

The Benefits
Colonics offer relief from a variety of disturbances by purifying the colon of gas, poisons, and stagnated and putrefied waste. Some of the problems that may be improved by colon cleansing are lethargy, fatigue, interrupted sleep, gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps, PMS, headaches, lower back pain, irritability, skin disorders, and even cold hands and feet. After a treatment, your sense of well-being is often dramatically enhanced. You may feel lighter and more energetic, and your body’s ability to assimilate food and fight disease can be vastly improved.

Given the amount of immune tissue residing in the intestines, removal of toxic waste should contribute to greater immune efficiency.

Ion Detox Foot Bath

Utilizing the freshest, ion-rich, naturally charged water, creates a profound sense of well-being. The ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs, waterfalls and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the body.

An ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an electron which creates a magnetic field capable of attaching to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. These neutralized particles are extracted from the body through the process called osmosis.

Pregnancy Nutrition Consulting

1The most important gift to give a baby is a healthy mother before she becomes pregnant. Women become very conscious of their health after they are pregnant, but before pregnancy they often do not take very good care of themselves. Many problems of morning sickness, iron deficiencies, fatigue, etc. could be prevented for the mother; and a healthier body and mind could be provided for the infant, if women and young girls consistently built and strengthened their bodies before pregnancy.

The healthier a woman's body is before she gets pregnant not only has a direct bearing on how she feels during the pregnancy, but also gives her baby a better start in life.
Clinical Nutrition Consulting

1A properly functioning body is no accident.  It is the result of consumption of the proper foods, adequate exercise, and regulation of your environment.  All organs of the body are interrelated, and a malfunction in one will create disturbance in all of the others.  We will help you to become familiar with your body and its needs.  Each one mends at a different rate as we are each physically and chemically unique, and requirements for nourishment, exercise, and environment vary from individual to individual.

Massage Therapy


Coming 2011!
Colonoscopy Cleansing Preparation

1Colonoscopy:  A colonoscopy is a screening used for early detection of polyps or abnormalities within the colon, and hopefully the prevention of colon cancer.  Some people avoid it because of the cleansing process that is needed in preparation of the colonoscopy.  Now there is an alternate choice which is more convenient and much easier to manage.  The benefit of using colon hydrotherapy to prepare your bowels for colonoscopy is that you do not have to suffer the extreme, and for some dangerous side effects of the commonly used harsh medications.  A bowel prep program centered around colon hydrotherapy is safe and quite comfortable compared to the traditional alternatives. 


Infrared Sauna

Detox at a cellular level. Detoxify the body from heavy metals including mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum. Detox arsenic, formaldehyde, and other industrial chemicals. Infrared saunas helps to purify cells, where our body stores waste and harmful toxins, such as cholesterol and heavy metals. Detoxification is made simple and easy through infrared sauna therapy.

Toxins such as sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and carcinogenic heavy metals (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel) accumulate in the body during modern daily life. The body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating. Heat therapy stimulates the sweat glands cleansing and detoxifying the skin. The heat simply speeds up the body's natural process. Those that do not or can not exercise can still receive incredible self healing benefits.

Kidney Cleansing Preparation

1The kidneys are extremely delicate, blood-filtering organs that congest easily because of dehydration, poor diet, weak digestion, stress, and an irregular lifestyle.  The main causes of congestion in the kidneys are kidney stones.  To prevent kidney problems and kidney-related diseases, it is best to eliminate kidney stones before they can cause a crisis.  Following a recommended diet and herbs taken daily for a period of twenty to thirty days, can help to dissolve and eliminate all types of kidney stones.
Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing Preparation

If you experience major, persisting health problems, either physical or emotional, your liver and gallbladder may be congested with toxic compounds that are trapped within clumps of hardened bile stones.  Almost all health conditions, beauty problems and premature aging are closely linked with declined liver and gallbladder performance which most often is elusive to blood tests.  Congestion in the bile ducts of the liver and gallbladder undermines the body's effort to make proper use of the food you eat.  This, in turn, may lead to numerous physical ailments and accentuated expressions of discomfort, including fear, anger, impatience, greed, depression, disease and cynicism.  Cleansing the liver and gallbladder of existing obstructions and impurities can help restore balance, vitality and happiness in every facet of your life.

Parasite/Candida Cleansing

We all have parasites in one form or another.  People often harbor many species of pathogenic organisms, which contribute to a wide spectrum of health problems ranging from arthritis and diabetes to depression and irritable bowel syndrome.  Parasites affect the whole body chemistry; therefore other healing methods will not be fully effective until they are eradicated.  Changing the external environment will remove both the source of parasites and the factors that contribute to their spread.  Eliminating the internal environment that supports parasites eradicate them.  Conditions that promote parasites include a damp internal climate with excess mucus, imbalance in the intestinal flora, and/or chronic constipation.  Herbs and substances that destroy parasites will eliminate the unwanted organisms.  Without the burden of parasitic stress, the immune system can naturally regenerate.

Candidas is a modern day plague, stemming from the antibiotic age.  It is a fungus outgrowth.  The elimination of antibiotics, birth control pills and all drugs is necessary for treatment of candida.  It is also necessary to change the diet--stop eating the foods that feed the yeast.  It is helpful to build the immune system by using herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other necessary supplements.

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V Cole's Testimonial

Why did I decide to get a colonic?

I had been battling many different health issues such as eczema, being unable to think clearly, constant fatigue, and frequent colds and flus.

I began to research vitamins and herbs that I could take to help alleviate some of the symptoms I felt. A friend of mine, who used colonics as part of overcoming illness, recommended that I try colonics.

I was very nervous about the procedure. I couldn’t quite imagine
how it all worked. After my consultation with Sharon, I felt more at ease about trying colon hydrotherapy. My first session went very well. I felt no pain. I must admit that I was still a little anxious initially, but as I relaxed, my session got

After that session, I felt great. I even noticed that my abdomenl was smaller immediately after the session. I scheduled biweekly sessions for three months. Within the first month and a half, I noticed that my mind was less cloudy. I could think more clearly My eczema was clearing up, and I was gaining more energy.

Today, after nine years of regular colonic sessions, I have only had one or two colds. And, although this may sound corny , I feel great! Now, I tell everyone I can about the benefits of colonics. I really do believe that colonics have changed my life. As a matter of fact, in the first two years, I also managed to lose 40 pounds and I have kept the weight off. No dieting, just eating the right foods, working out regularly, and regular colonics!