Welcome! Here you will find information about myself and my children's book... more to come soon!

The Doogie book is filled with rich text about a dolphin named Doogie who runs away from home to the sea to find friends. The colorful pictures are animated with high-resolution graphics of sea creatures and underwater scenery. Doogie realizes that he should have listened to his parents and not run away from home when his adventure becomes life threatening. Grandfather dolphin, whom Doogie adores and thinks is dead, appears and rescues Doogie from the mouth of a dolphin eating shark.
Grandfather and Doogie are happily reunited and the little adventurous dolphin learns a valuable lesson about the consequences of disobedience.
Included with the book is a compact disc, which has easy read a-long story and eight sing a-long songs to enhance reading skills.

"People see God every day; they just don't recognize him."
-Pearl Bailey

God Bless,

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